video marketing

Video Marketing

Tribando helps companies with the development of a video marketing strategy and the production of video content.

Video marketing is underused as a marketing asset in B2B industries. That’s a shame, because it is not that complex and very efficient in a short term.

Effective Web Development Solutions

SEO Videos

An IT supplier can start, for example, by creating short educational videos or tutorials. This videos can be added to texts on the corporate website. As a result, the articles on the website will show better results in search engines.

Connection with your audience

With video content, your company can disclose a more personal image of itself, even before the potential client reveals its identity. The chance that the potential client will contact your company directly increases considerably.


biggest search engine in the world


of B2B clients stay informed by YouTube videos


high conversion rates when a video is added to the landing page


of mobile devices internet traffic is dedicated to videos


of videos shorter than 30 seconds are watched until the end


YouTube videos are shared each minute on Twitter