telemarketing campaign

Telemarketing campaign

Outgoing calls are still really important for detecting sales opportunities

A telemarketing campaign has to fulfill some requirements to be successful:

A manager only communicates with someone who has knowledge of his field of work, industry and business processes.

There is an exchange of relevant information.

The conversation is an open dialogue, without following a script.

A Tribando marketer obtains two types of information during a conversation:

1. Factual information

Company size, industry, number of employees, etc. Apart from that, the IT environment will be discussed: what systems the company has, what kind of databases they use and what about the IT infrastructure? Not every aspect of the IT environment has always the same degree of relevance. The type of information that is relevant for your company will be defined before starting the campaign, and depends on the type of product or service.

2. Information about business processes

Projects can only be detected after a detailed conversation about business processes. If it appears that some processes can be improved and that your solution can achieve this improvements, only then we focus on making an appointment. Other relevant criteria for making appointments will be discussed before starting the campaign.

‘Tribando marketers have the ability to recognise subtle signals during conversations, analyze them and react accordingly.’

Projects are qualified according to the P+BANT model:


What problem does the company want to solve?



A budget has been assigned to the project? And if so, what budget?


Is our contact person a decision maker within the company?


What requirements does the company have for the solution they want to implement?


In what timeframe the solution will be implemented?

Well-qualified leads are a bless for any salesman. He will be able to concentrate his attention only on real sales opportunities. Tribando assists, the sales team will score the goal.