social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Ball possession is not the same as scoring a goal. Both are football, but the team with a clear objective to score wins more frequently. Social Media work in a similar way.

Does using social media as a marketing tool in a B2B environment make sense? Of course. Creating content for social media is not the same as doing it for a corporate website. Appealing content is shared more often on social media. Information that is easy to digest is faster and easier to share. Your content will be brought to the attention of a larger audience.

The distribution of high quality content in social media has another advantage. Google monitors social media as well. The company that is the source of this well distributed content will notice that the corporate website is going to rank better in search engines.

Social media interaction is a ranking factor for search engines: it has more and more influence on search results.

Customized social media profiles

We create customized profiles on social media with specific content and an engaging professional style that reflects your company image. Ready for publishing!

Online community expansion

Your content may be very appealing, without smart content distribution it will not come to the attention of potential clients. We help you to build up your LinkedIn contact network or Twitter followers so that your content will be distributed to the right audience. Quality over quantity.

Monitoring after publication and distribution

Distributing your content on social media is not enough. Probably, the most important thing for lead generation is the analysis of the reach and the effects after the publication.

Effects on the corporate website

Being active on social media does only make sense if the effects are clearly perceivable. We analyze the effects of using social media on your corporate website to see if results can be obtained faster.