search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be an essential part in the online marketing strategy of a professional IT provider. The battle for new clients starts with search engine rankings.

Not only end-consumers buy more and more online, but also companies start their so called buyer's journey on the internet. This explains why ICT suppliers are concentrating on the increase of their website traffic. However, without a marketing strategy it is unlikely that visitors will reach your website. SEO is one of the most popular techniques used by marketing professionals to increase web traffic.

Increasing the number of web visitors should not be the only goal. Try to concentrate on the quality of those visitors. The most interesting visitors are involved in the preparation phase of a project or in the middle of a selection process. Those visitors are more likely to request for more information as, for example, a whitepaper.

The use of relevant keywords and the continuous process of creating meaningful content are some of the methods that can be used to attract the ideal web visitor.

Organic Search

Content marketing is worth it, but takes a lot of time. Besides, there is always the danger of wasting time. Each article in the website has to fit into a specific objective that would get you leads from your target audience. Is the information in this article related to a project? (We want leads) Is the article based on keyword research? What about your performance in comparison to your competitors? Is the article appealing enough to make a visitor download additional information?

On-Page SEO

Not only the textual content of the page is important for search engines. The writing style, syntax, keywords, article length, headings, the type of content and approximately 50 other factors play an important role in the elaboration of an article that is going to be found and read thoroughly.

Link Building

The internal link structure is very important to improve your Google ranking. Search engines prefer websites with web pages linking to each other. An advanced internal link structure will help you to increase the number of web visitors.