Reacting quickly is crucial to follow up leads

Organizations of all sectors are increasingly using the possibilities of the Internet to generate sales leads. Whitepaper marketing has a key position: a website visitor will only have access to a particular document or article after some data has been filled in by the visitor. This allows companies to know who is interested in their information. There is a chance that they are potential customers as well.

Many companies realize that they should follow up the incoming whitepaper as soon as possible, but in reality, they often react slowly.

Research by Harvard Business Review to the reaction speed of 2.241 organizations, reveals that 24% of companies waits more than 24 hours to contact the potential customer. Surprisingly, 23% of companies does not react at all.

The study shows that online leads must be followed up quickly. Companies that react within an hour are seven times more likely to have business success. An organization that waits 24 hours after an incoming online lead is 60 times less effective. A fast follow up is the advice

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