digital consultancy

Digital Consultancy

With a wide variety of possibilities for online lead generation, it is important to have a well-thought strategy and approach. A seamless integration between online and offline lead generation is crucial.

Nowadays, the possibilities for online marketing are endless. Of course, that is great, but it also implies that the importance of a digital strategy is growing. Tribando develops digital strategies with a focus on project detection. Strategies that guide your company to the right digital track and that can be developed autonomously or with our help.

Particularly in the IT sector, the competition to detect projects is now played online. Crucial is demonstrating reactivity and to follow up by phone the online buying signal (like a whitepaper download). To build and maintain a well-oiled lead machine, you will need a wide variety of skills:


Writing abilities

  • Translation of complex technical topics towards appealing texts for a wider and less technical audience.
  • Writing style: without focusing too much on your product or brand but with the actual problems of your potential client in mind.
  • Knowledge of how search engines work and the way users use them to search: keywords analysis and optimization, identification of competitors...

Creative abilities

  • Web design with a focus on conversion, to obtain contact details.
  • Infographic design, video production, whitepaper design...

Analytical abilities

  • Web visitors behaviour analysis.
  • Constant improvements to increase the number of information requests.
  • Google Analytics data evaluation and strategy readjustment if necessary.

Telephone skills

  • The follow up of web leads by phone: telephone skills are essential for in-depth qualification of web leads that can be transferred to sales.
  • Important is a seamless integration of online and offline interaction with your potential customer.

Technical abilities

  • Improvement of page load speed for better ranking results in search engines.
  • Improvement of design and functionalities of the website.
  • Site structure orientated towards better ranking results in search engines.

Social Media interaction expertise

  • Sixth sense for viral content creation.
  • Elicit reactions on publications: user generated content.
social media interaction
marketing tools

Knowledge of available marketing tools

  • Backlink-trackers, web traffic analysers, heatmaps...
  • A huge amount of tools are available that can support (content) marketing activities.
  • Knowledge of the available marketing tools and how they work is fundamental.