content marketing

Content Marketing

Create content people would pay for and then give it away.

Content marketing has become the standard for online marketing. Content marketing starts with a plan and a well-thought strategy. Then it is time to publish valuable content like whitepapers, videos and posts on your website. This is the most efficient and trustworthy way of showing what your company is capable of. Content marketing is a resource to build up your company’s online authority.

84% of consumers start their research online

73% only clicks on organic search results

The result: Up to 3 times more leads thanks to inbound marketing

Most of the time, a potential client has a problem. To solve that problem, they look for information available on the internet. A company that succeeds in providing this information at that moment is doing a very good job. But, what kind of information is this potential client looking for? How can you offer that information at the right moment? And why is this so important? Welcome to the world of intelligent and fast marketing. A world that, believe us, can be influenced by you.

Piloting an Airbus without a flight plan is not a good idea. Creating and distributing content without a plan is not a good idea either. Develop a good strategy!







Web content

The corporate website is really useful as a lead generation tool. Everything starts with the production of high quality content. Information that is meaningful to the reader and performs well in Google. The reader stays longer on the page and will click on other links in that page or to other pages. Google monitors this actions. The more intensive the web interactions are, the better search engines will rank the website.



Whitepapers are an interesting part of a website. They offer the possibility to go more into detail about your company’s knowledge and expertise. Besides of that, you can ask for the contact details of the potential client in exchange of a whitepaper. In order to obtain this data, the texts on the corporate website should be well written and appealing.

Google’ secret ranking for websites

Google algorithm assigns a specific score to websites, the higher the ranking score, the higher the website will be in search results. The same thing happens for each individual page of your website. All those pages have a score as well, known as page authority. Google keeps the score in secret, but page authority could be improved with a few simple steps. In the Whitepaper you could see how it is exactly done.