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Tribando supports IT companies and enterprise services to achieve their goals in sales and marketing. Therefore, we offer different marketing services from online marketing and telephonic lead generation to email campaigns and digital content creation.

about tribando


Tribando has a strong international character and executes marketing campaigns across Europe. Tribando marketeers are highly educated and speak several foreign languages. They are trained in setting up and implementing (tele)marketing campaigns, primarily for IT companies that offer complex products in a competitive market. Tribando specializes in detecting and thoroughly qualifying sales leads. The latest marketing techniques are used in support of our activities.

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At Tribando, we believe that lead generation by phone in a B2B environment is a profession. Frequently, this work is carried out by interns, temporary employees, or the in-house sales department. Interns lack the experience and knowledge to detect projects by phone and qualify them subsequently. Sales employees do not enjoy being on the phone all day, and moreover: generating leads using a sales approach does not work.

Listening instead of talking, gathering information instead of providing it, making phone calls whenever it suits your prospect. We have our own vision for successful communication by phone with C-level contacts. As a result, Tribando not only detects sales opportunities, but also serves as an ambassador for your organization through its method. And this is quite significant to the contact you maintain with customers and prospects who are valuable to you.


Tribando solely works for clients who offer a reliable product that is truly valuable to buyers. If the qualities of such a product are conveyed to the right people in a clear, open, and enjoyable manner, interest in the product in question is nearly always the logical result. In our opinion, an honest high-quality approach gets you further than plain sales tricks. Therefore, it is not uncommon for Tribando to stand at the foundation of long-term relationships between our clients and their buyers. And that is what we strive for: doing justice to the quality our clients deliver, and bringing it into the spotlight in a pleasant and efficient manner. Turn prospects into customers in such a way that everyone involved will permanently benefit from it. Experience teaches us that such an approach is the most successful one, both in the short and in the long term.

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