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High-quality IT marketing

Detection of new IT projects

using a wide range of innovative techniques, some of them unique in Europe and developed internally.

Contact at the highest level

with C-level decision makers and meetings with companies that appreciate your product.

A more efficient sales team

by putting efforts only in real sales opportunities, detected and qualified by Tribando marketers.

Professional SEO services

Are you a business development manager?

Do not feel obliged to choose between online marketing and telemarketing. The key to success lies in the combination of both. Online marketing is popular (and with a reason), telemarketing not that much. However, precisely at this point Tribando stands out, because contact by telephone is still crucial for commercial success.

Deeply qualified leads

Combination of online marketing and telemarketing

On-demand business development

Marketing support for companies in the IT industry

From online lead generation to traditional telemarketing campaigns

A few of Tribando’s customers